I was always driven by looking on to a subject of interest … from a voyeuristic viewpoint … observing, following, reacting on that view …

But now the total opposite is true: I look within … To lose an aged parent is expected … how sorrow-filled it can be … but why did it hit me so badly? The way it happened? No respectful goodbye? No dignified closure? Landing in absolute emptiness, the outside world not touching me anymore, climbing into a hole where I could hide … a cocoon … a process of healing …

My work is my medicine (however, it took a while to start), it forced me to look from the outside in … allowed me to take distance … I, me, myself became the subject of interest…

The process of healing has become the Process of Creation… My paintings have become my Diary … very personal …


Appearances deceive. This series of works is not about the physical representations of the subjects – it’s about what might be going on behind the facades. It’s about what is fueling the motor that drives the facial expressions and the behaviours portrayed. It’s about how the subjects got into the positions they’re in.


Appearances deceive and nowhere more so than on social media. The Factory is an installation of 31 artworks of identical size reflecting the “happiness” industry. Each is a study of how transparently or misleadingly emotion can be expressed in a photo. Taken as a whole, the installation is a study of how emotions are projected and challenges the observer to gauge an own response them.


These paintings create an illusion of calmness and serenity in a world gone mad.

Singular young people look in on themselves, crouched, prostrate, alone, calm, quiet. Around them flowers blossom, trees bloom and the bright vivid colours of summer flourish with a flat graphic boldness, inviting a sense of calm and serenity in contrast to the more subdued, opaque familiarity of floors and walls of dull suburban homes.

A domestic bliss that strangles the life out of humanity while offering the hope of a new beginning, a summer to come, a possibility, a desire, in the face of the ordinary banal everyday existence of reality.


Keepers is a series of works that plays with coincidences between human and animal psyches.

Some works are anthropomorphic – that innate tendency of the human psyche to attribute human traits, emotions or intentions to animals. They challenge our perspective on the status of animals in our lives.

In other works, the approach becomes more playful and extreme by positing animal psyches and traits on to humans.

Throughout all the works, human behavior is on display, with its strengths and vulnerabilities exposed for those who care to recognize them.

© 2012-2019 Copyright Larissa Eremeeva