Latest work

3 minimalist abstract expressionist oil paintings in pastels and seagreen
“On the outskirts of a non-existent town” | “Between before and after” | “Inconvenience of walking backwards”

These 3 are the latest evocative abstract works from my 2022 Collection. There is a sense of quiet clarity built up through mark making and a finessed colour palette; sand and impasto give extra plasticity and dimension. I want these paintings to evoke feelings, memories and images – and stimulate their recall to the conscious mind. 

Each painting is 50 x 40 x 4 cm; they are oil on canvas. The deep sides are painted white, so they look great without any additional framing. See the textures in detail and find out more here.

The oil paintings in the 2022 collection continue to draw on themes of Sifted Light – namely, silence and the poetry of just being (inspired by the likes of Pessoa and Pasternak). Ideas become emotion and are expressed by textures and rhythm. The palette remains neutral but now is extended with surprisingly mellow highlights.

The 2022 Collection includes canvas sizes ranging from 50 x 40cm all the way up to 150 x 200cm. You can see the large paintings here and the smaller ones here.

2022 Collection virtual gallery