Factory review

The palette she uses is all veiled in the grey colours of the cuttlefish with some black backgrounds, thus creating suggestions that recall the photographs of a few decades ago or that of homemade Polaroids with the flashbulb flattening the colours of the complexion and giving a dark unitary background.

The primary purpose of these works seems to be, from what the artist declared, to capture peoples’ expressions with a slightly voyeuristic intent to highlight the vulnerability and strength of character of the subjects.

The beauty of these works is undoubtedly in their speed and immediacy, rendered by the rapid brushstroke, the sketched stroke and the lack of chiaroscuro.

The eyes of these characters capture us and attract us in a magnetic way, they push us to ask a thousand questions about these people about the moment when this snapshot was taken. Does Il Duende reside in the soul? Can we see it by focusing on these looks?

Also in these works there is a lot of psychological introspection, these faces with extremely expressive looks appear from a dark place, from the unconscious and a certain personal interpretation of the artist in the rendering of these modern portraits cannot be excluded.

There is nothing left to do but enjoy the pleasantness of these works and our emotional interpretation of what lies behind these faces.
Marcello Cazzaniga