Interview: The Creative Unconscious

“More recently, I extended and explored this theme further in the series Casual Thinking Of The Metrical Mind. Here I aim to portray an antidote to the happiness industry that is behind billions of the self-images created on social media. People want to belong to a group – this drives creation of images adhering to the groups’ unwritten guidelines. Overwhelmingly these days  those guidelines mean you must be having fun, be being happy, be awesome ….”
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Review: The Factory

The palette she uses is all veiled in the grey colours of the cuttlefish with some black backgrounds, thus creating suggestions that recall the photographs of a few decades ago or that of homemade Polaroids with the flashbulb flattening the colours of the complexion …
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Review: Catachreza

Larissa Eremeeva‘s paintings from her ‘Catachreza’ series are an attempt by the artist to control and manage a world of her own making, as if she’s making pictures in order to reaffirm herself, to create an illusion of calmness and serenity in a world gone mad.
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Review: The Jealous Curator

These oil painting portraits are the work of Russian-Dutch, now New Jersey based, painter Larissa Eremeeva. So simple, yet so rich at the same time. Sigh. Gorgeous.
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Review: Purple Woods

The Russian-Dutch artist Larissa Eremeeva creates wonderful portrait paintings.
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