Catachreza series of paintings: review

Larissa Eremeeva’s paintings from her Catachreza series are an attempt by the artist to control and manage a world of her own making. It’s as if she’s making pictures in order to reaffirm herself, to create an illusion of calmness and serenity in a world gone mad.

Artist Larissa Eremeeva's oil painting of an introspective young girl explores our anxieties and emotions
Magnolia by Larissa Eremeeva from the series Catachreza

In each of these paintings singular young people look in on themselves, crouched, prostrate, alone, calm, quiet. Around them flowers blossom, trees bloom and the bright vivid colours of summer flourish with a flat graphic boldness. Pinks, blues, reds, yellows and pearl whites all invite a sense of calm and serenity in contrast to the more subdued, opaque familiarity of floors and walls of dull suburban homes. A domestic bliss that strangles the life out of humanity and offers only uncertainty and worry.

In many ways these paintings represent the worries of the new year while offering the hope of a new beginning, a summer to come, a possibility, a desire, in the face of the ordinary banal everyday existence of reality.

Eremeeva’s realistic style gives power to these conflicting emotions. Her paintings are seemingly simple portraits yet they’re very much underpinned by a deep anxiety and emotional depth that take us deep into her imagined world. 



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