Entering the empty space #12 | Refuge


Oil painting on canvas. Unframed.
51x51x2 cm (20x20x1½ inches).

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Oil painting on canvas. Unframed. 51x51x4 cm (20x20x1½ inches).

This abstract expressionist work is from the collection Entering the empty space.

After tragedy arrives the realisation that nothing, nothing, nothing is ever going to be the same again. There’s a period of enforced reflection. A time to consider how on earth to cope with the devastating effects of what happened?

It’s a time of great emptiness. The way forward is blocked and blurry.

Reassuringly, my future beckons from beyond the empty space – it is comforting, filled with soft Mediterranean colours and dancing shadows that attract me.

I am entering the empty space … I am moving on.