Silence of the empty room


Oil painting on canvas. Unframed.
80 x 80 x 2 cm (31½ x 31½ x ¾ inches).
Ships bubble-wrapped in a box.

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80 x 80 x 2 cm (31½ x 31½ x ¾ inches). Oil painting on canvas. Unframed.

This work is from the collection Written in the sand (part 2) and is in a style the artist calls “evocative abstract”. A beautiful sense of quiet clarity is built up through tumultuous mark making and a finessed colour palette. There is transparency achieved with oil paint that is usually associated with aquarel. Impasto is used to give extra plasticity and dimension to her work. The exposed sides of the canvas are white.

Whilst purely abstract, the painting can nevertheless evoke objects and memories. The artist is inspired by feelings of transience and impermanence … mortality, eternity … generational threads that may bind or may break … memories recalled and memories erased. These feelings are reflected in the title of this work and of the series (“Written in the Sand”).