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Oil painting on canvas. Unframed.
120 x 200 x 2.5 cm (47 x 78½ x 1 inches).
Ships rolled in a dent-resistant tube to be stretched by your local framing company on arrival, at your cost.

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120 x 200 x 2.5 cm (47 x 78½ x 1 inches). Oil painting on canvas. Unframed.

This abstract expressionist oil painting from the collection Sifted Light is in a style the artist calls “evocative abstract”. A beautiful sense of quiet clarity is built up through tumultuous mark making and a finessed colour palette – in combination with charcoal, oil sticks and graphite. The artist achieves a transparency with oil paint that is usually associated with aquarel. Sand and impasto are used to give extra plasticity and dimension to her work. 

Purely abstract, the painting evokes feelings and memories. The artist is inspired by how silence is never twice the same … by life lived in the moment … by the poetry of just being. All given form in the likes of misty Abruzzo mornings.