My abstract art at an historic venue

It was busy and exciting start to the week for me. That’s because I was in Rome to exhibit at a rather unusual venue. The Palazzo Ferrajoli dates from the 16th century. As such, it offered a unique setting to display my newest abstract art. Because of the limitations of

Colours … part of the art creation process

Some thoughts in the morning. What is a painting? For me – the result of a process. What I really enjoy is the art creation process. Subject, art technique, colours. I make cards of colour combinations (lots of them – great process), and then studies (recently about 150 pieces, I

The fear of blank canvas

My Instagram post The fear of blank canvas…

My studio

Just another day in my studio … … and colour palette for today, working on Diary of Wishful Tendencies.

My Diary of Wishful Tendencies
Artist statement

Many of you have expressed surprise at how drastically my Diary of Wishful Tendencies work differs from what came before. Let me try to explain …. I have always been driven by looking on to a subject of interest … from a voyeuristic viewpoint … observing, following, reacting on that

Catachreza series of paintings: review

Larissa Eremeeva’s paintings from her Catachreza series are an attempt by the artist to control and manage a world of her own making. It’s as if she’s making pictures in order to reaffirm herself, to create an illusion of calmness and serenity in a world gone mad. In each of

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