The Flock

“I am the keeper of sheep
The sheep are my thoughts
And my thoughts are all sensations”
Alberto Caeiro, The Keeper of Sheep

Evocative, minimalist abstract painting in a bright palette on white jute canvas with mark-making and impasto
Weird scenes on an otherwise normal day
Oil on jute canvas | 90x90x4cm | 35x35x1½”

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Oil on jute canvas | 120x150x2.5cm | 47x59x1″

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Disorder was its own point
Oil on canvas | 120x120x4cm | 47x47x1½”

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What is permissible for Jupiter is not permissible for bulls
Oil on canvas | 110x120x2.5cm | 43x47x1″

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I don’t always feel what I’m supposed to feel
Oil on canvas | 100x120x2cm | 39½x47x¾”

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The flight over a moonlit path
Oil on canvas | 120x110x2cm | 47x43x¾”

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Images freed from some ancient gallery
Oil on canvas | 120x100x2.5cm | 47×39½x1″

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When it’s not your turn
Oil on canvas | 120x150x2.5cm | 47×59x1″

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A scene of industrious self-delusion
Oil on canvas | 122x122x4cm | 44x48x1½”

Available soon

New works are in progress and will be added to this collection as they become available.