Archives: Testimonial

Collector in Italy

Stunning! It’s even better than I expected, congratulations again! Elena M. (May 2022)

Collector in the Netherlands

I’m soooo happy with your work … almost impossible but even more beautiful than I expected. Monica B. (April 2022)

Collector in the Netherlands

“Just received the painting and am very happy with it. In reality even more beautiful. Thanks!” Jasmijn B. (February 2022)

Collector in the UK

“As I expected, it is even better than the photo. I love the colours, and there is more depth to it.” Sue W. (November 2021)

Collector in Italy

“Painting is really beautiful and introspective….. a representation of a small and intimate dream. I repeat my sincere congratulations.” Paolo P. (November 2021)

Collector in the Netherlands

“Ohhhh!!! It is even more beautiful in reality!! Am so happy with it. Thank you. We are very happy with this addition to our family.” Kirsten S. (September 2021)

Collector in Belgium

“The painting was just delivered. It meets all my expectations. I’m definitely going to follow you.” Bernard P. (June 2021)

Collector in Florida

“Thanks, received in great condition. Absolutely beautiful painting.” Lou S. (June 2021)